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Just a girl on a journey

Super Sunday Six

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Super Sunday Six

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I'm trying a new blogging initiative. That is, a quick bulleted life update list here on Sunday nights, and a "what works - and what doesn't" in my math class over on Tumblr. I miss having a record of my life and its events. There's also a Trinita blog, two actually, that are sad and lonely because of how long they have been left alone.

1. My morning started with finding cottage cheese that I ate last night still sitting on my coffee table. I was sad that I had left it out overnight and let it spoil. I carried it over to my refrigerator so keep it from smelling up my house, and, when I opened the refrigerator door, I realized it was dead. The light was out and it was warm. Awesome, even if I had put the cottage cheese away, it would still be bad. So I called emergency maintenance, and a guy named Richie came to help. He couldn't quite figure out what was wrong and got it working again. He's going to come back tomorrow and work on the electrical panel, but for now, my food it cold. Crisis averted.

2. I made a movie with photos and video that I took in my fourth period Algebra class on Thursday. It's so cute, but I can't figure out a way to make it playable for them in class. I don't have an Apple TV so I can't send it right to my projector. I tried to export it to YouTube as a private video, but it's not showing up in my YouTube account. I don't know what to do.

3. If you aren't watching Parenthood, you are missing out. It is quickly becoming my new obsession. I say that because, in the past ten days, I've watched two and a half seasons. I love their relationships and family crazy because it's so normal. It's been a long time since I watched a mainstream (non-teeny bopper) show. That being said, tomorrow is Monday, which means Gossip Girl. And that makes me super happy.

4. Baseball season is sort of ending. The NLCS has two games left (maybe just one), and the World Series starts on Wednesday, I think. I'll probably watch because it feels weird to do anything else, but really, I'm just excited that basketball season is SO CLOSE. We play Georgetown ON A BOAT in under three weeks. Living in Tampa means actually getting all of the games that are only televised in state, this makes me super happy. I missed so many of the non-conference games the past two years. We're supposed to be good, ranked 10th in preseason. I love basketball season.

5. Yesterday I got my hair cut. In an amazing feat, I managed to beat Mom and Kathy to Super Target, run into Ross, buy the bird table that Katie wanted, and meeting them in Target like two seconds later. Then I raced downtown, picked up some fall veggies at the farmers' market, and made it to the salon only one minute late (despite accidentally parking half a mile away). Hailey loves my hair, which is fun because I don't feel like people compliment my features often. She cut out a ton of the weight and made it the perfect length. I am very pleased. I made an appointment for eight weeks because ten was way too long.

6. Last week I had this amazing dream about David Lee. We were spending the day together (not sure how we met) and having a great time. He didn't know that I was his hugest fan/stalker, it was like we were friends. But then I had to do something for school, and my password to whatever I had to get into was his name. And he was totally creeped out. That ended our fun day. Is this a sign?
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